Can Armed Forces Personnel Claim Tax Refunds?

Armed Forces or MOD personnel can claim against travel expenses when being assigned to temporary postings of under 24 months, even outside the UK. Using either your own vehicle or public transport counts.
You can claim any overpaid tax for the last 4 years, and the average 4 year rebate is £2,500.

Does the MOD Block Tax Refunds?

Despite what people tell you, MOD personnel really can get UK tax refunds, so why would the MOD stop you?. MOD personnel from the top to the bottom can make a claim so why would your bosses stand in your way?

I’m in the MOD and posted overseas. Can I claim a UK tax refund?

Just like anyone else, you’re entitled to a UK tax refund for travel expenses to and from temporary workplaces. If you’re making your own way from a UK residence, you could have a pretty big refund on your hands. Watch out, though – if your family has moved abroad with you, then your main residence might be outside the UK. In that case, you can’t claim for your travel costs.

What Can I Reclaim Tax For?

  • If you’ve been using your own vehicle or public transport, you could be owed tax back.
  • An average refund runs around £600-£800 per year.
  • Travel to bases outside the UK counts too.
  • You might even be able to claim for Mess Dress and Meals.

What information do I need to provide you with?

We need the following information to assess your MOD tax refund:

  • List of bases you’ve attended – Copies of assignment orders if possible. Courses can also be claimed so please do inform us if you have been on any.
  • Monthly payslips – You can download your payslips from the JPAC website and they provide us with crucial information on any MOD Allowances you receive (eg Get You Home Pay)
  • Move ‘n’ Track – Your move and track can help us work out any mileage claim you may have, as well as proving which bases you’ve been to.
  • Other information – We’ll send you a pack out in the post which has some questions about your financial circumstances e.g. if you have any other sources of income. This helps us calculate how much your Tax Refund may be.

How Long Does A Tax Refund Take?

The quicker we get all the information from you, the quicker we can reclaim your tax. It’ll take around five working days for us to deal with it. After that, you’re looking at six to eight weeks for HMRC to send the money. As soon as we hear from HMRC, we’ll collect our fee and send the rest straight to you! We’ll keep you posted all the way and let you know when the money’s in.

Can MOD Personnel claim a tax refund for meals?

Yes, meals are allowed as expenses when you’re posted to a temporary base – and they’re absolutely worth claiming. An average MOD tax refund claim typically includes £250 from meal expenses alone each year. Claiming back your meal costs could boost your tax refund by 35%, which stacks up to about £12,000 over your working life! Here are some things to keep in mind:.

  • If you pay directly in the Cookhouse or Mess, you’re probably paying in cash and might have trouble getting receipts. Make sure you keep a record anyway. Even a photo of the price board will go a long way toward proving what you’ve spent.
  • If you’re an officer you probably have the option to get an expenses receipt at the end of the month. You can either keep that or take a photo of it. You should also be able to ask for copies of them from your administration department if needed.
  • If you’re part of the Hungry Soldier Scheme, the cost is taken directly out of your salary in arrears. This should be visible on your payslips.

What If My Tax Code Changes?

Your payslip should have your tax code on it. HMRC may tell your employer to use a higher tax code after you’ve claimed your tax refund because they assume you will be eligible for this tax relief next year – but you may not be. It all depends on how much travel you do.If your tax code changes, just let us know and we’ll make sure it’s right.