Can Offshore Workers Claim a Tax Refund?

Offshore workers can claim a tax refund for travel expenses to what HMRC call “temporary workplaces” (under 24 months). When you fly out to your platform, do you drive or get public transport to the airport or heliport? If so, there’s a good chance you’re due a tax rebate on your taxes to cover the costs. You can make a claim for the last four years, and the average 4-year rebate is £2,500.

It’s not just for travel expenses, either. The tax rules also allow offshore workers to claim for hotel bills and a number of other expenses. If you’re footing those bills yourself, you could be due some cash. Working offshore is challenging enough already. You don’t need the taxman drilling deeper into your wages than he’s supposed to.

How Much Tax Can An Offshore Worker Claim Back?

The average tax refund for offshore workers is £600-£700 per year. We’re able to go back 4 years, so your first refund with FTR could be about £2,500 or more. What could you do with the extra cash? A holiday in the sun with the family? Deposit for a new car?

What If HMRC Demands My Refund Back?

Our FTR Guarantee completely protects you if the taxman has a meltdown. As long as you’ve given us accurate information, if HMRC asks for any part of your refund back, we’ll pay them for you! Talk to FTR Refunds to hear more about how we can help.